This is what our clients and students have to say about us…

Jojo Kannath

The ratio of Eazylearn students to direct / reference recruit at Zerone, in itself, speaks for itself. The satisfaction the PL's & PM's receive in having an Eazylearn employee, to a fresher from outside, has been expressed explicitly. The continuous updation of course material and the methodology of teaching has greatly benefited in bridging the gap between industry expectation and education imparted."

Vinod E.J

"We really feel happy with the kind of quality candidates you have been providing to us, so far. Candidates selected from EazyLearn are proved to be good with their logical, aptitude as well as technical skills. It would not be an exaggeration to say that whenever we have requirements in our Software division for fresher level candidates in DotNet, the first name comes to our mind is yours - EazyLearn !

Happy to maintain a mutually beneficial , long term relationship with your firm and, dont hesitate to recommend your name to others ."

Muhammad Ansar

"We are very impressed with the resources we recruited from EazyLearn.
They are currently in live assignments and doing really good job.
Thanks again on all your help and we will surely consider EazyLearn when we have further openings for freshers.

Bhavya K R

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving us such brilliant candidates from your institution. All are performing really good. They have been available and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. We are happy to announce few names of people who are doing extra ordinary performance like Pradeesh TM , Eldhose and Frank Baby. Going forward we are expecting more people from your institution . Once again I thank on behalf of ORION

Shyba Nisar

Whenever our company requires Fresher in IT, we rely on them. We are quite happy & content with the services they provide.

Sobin P Samuel

"When I joined EazyLearn, I had lots of weakness like stage fear, communication problems. Now I believe the problems are corrected. The soft skills classes helped us a lot to improve these qualities. About the facilities provided are sufficient enough to get the technical knowledge developed."

Jinu Elsa James

"I think the training and practices that we had at EazyLearn is the best. The training methodology adopted here helped to us to improve the self learning ability. The soft skills sessions also were very effective to get rid of our shyness and stage fear. We got the confidence that we have learned something technically to secure a job."

Minsa Mathew

"The day from which I had joined EazyLearn, I have learned a lot and had a good experience. I was a fresher who haven't done any courses on programming or other applications. But EazyLearn provided a good platform for me and start up my career in my profession. After joining it was bit difficult for me to follow the rules and disciplines over here. Sitting and doing the assignments sitting in front of the system for a whole day was also difficult. But after one month, I got adjusted with the routine works. I had attended two interviews during the training period. In those two companies, almost the same questions were asked which were asked during the weekly mock interview session at EazyLearn. We really enjoyed the soft skills session. Our main project was guided by Senior Software Engineers from the industry and helped us a lot to improve technically."

Nimmy R

EazyLearn is a place where we can learn, where we will learn, where we have to learn. Really I started learning and doing things after coming here. I haven't learned things this far in my life especially my school life as well as engineering life. After completing my engineering, I didn't know what is coming next, what I will be doing or where I would be. After joining EazyLearn, I knew exactly what I should do. The course pattern at EazyLearn is designed in such a way that we cannot sit idle a single minute without work. The daily review, additional point's collection and assignments have all contributed a lot towards gaining and improving our knowledge as well as self learning ability. More over the daily classes and the power point presentations were very informative and interesting. The soft skill sessions were a time for relaxation as well as entertaining and contributed to increasing our confidence.

I will surely recommend EazyLearn to all my friends. I will keep all my things that I learned from EazyLearn and put my best forward from it wherever I can."

Akhil Raj K P

Before joining EazyLearn, I had very poor knowledge in the programming filed. But now after completing my course at EazyLearn, I changed a lot. Now I know how to do a project in a standard way and do it easily. After the training, my character, discipline, everything is changed. I think it’s one of the best experience in my life. I have great improvement in my communication skills. As a result of this I got place in Zerone Consulting. My dream came true. Thanks to EazyLearn.

Sarath S Kumar

I still remember those days back in 2009, Just completed MCA from Bangalore and was hunting job. Recession all around there was no sign of hope to get a job in IT industry to pursue my passion. Fortunately one of my friends suggested a training centre EazyLearn. A training centre that trains candidates for nearly three months. I joined the course, three months really changed my life. EazyLearn provided a strict professional leaning atmosphere. I learned more from EazyLearn compare to what I got from past six years from graduation. EazyLearn has got a great role in shaping my future. I got selected in Zerone on 2010 April 16th and now I am working at TCS. Just before I was in Wipro and still I found there is not guy in a MNC who has got such a great training which I got from EazyLearn. Thanks one again. My friends Sajith Alakkadan K, Nirmal Vg, Lineesh Balan , Ajay Ghosh, Rabin T Balakrishnan, Sandeep Madollathil we all go this wonderful training and are currently working in Big MNC's. Thanks Eazylearn

Anjana Vijayan

EazyLearn provides good environment to study. I studied so many things after coming her. Now I have confidence to work in software industry. Syllabus, timing everything in EazyLearn is good. Aptitude test practices in EazyLearn helped me to do aptitude faster and gave me a good career.

Rashmi V Nathan

EazyLearn is the best place for a person who really want to be an IT professional. The faculties have deep knowledge in each subject. The training not just teaching a course, moreover they are molding us to be an IT professional. It helped me in improving my confidence as well as technical knowledge.

Midhun Kirshna K V

The stepping stone to my success will always be EazyLearn. I will definitely succeed in my life.

  • I have never felt like I am in an institution, rather for me it was like I am working in a company with all the facilities.
  • It is 99% difference or variation I find in myself now, comparing to what I was before joining EazyLearn.
  • The approach that the teachers has to each student is excellent
  • The soft skills session has one thing that I would like to highlight. It bought me huge difference. I have now the courage to speak, no matter what I am
  • Overall what I think is that, many more EazyLearn branches should come in different parts of the country, so that more people could people could get this training that changes them in all aspects
  • Thanking you my dear trainers for what all you have done for us

Pooja Jnaneshwar.

Its really been an awesome journey with EazyLearn. To start with, my first day as a trainee in EazyLearn was a little fearful. I had a lot of expectations to become a successful programmer and get placed in a good company. As classes began, the first few theory classes took off my fear. Everything was taught with real time examples. Sooner projects, assignments everything went in a flow and I was able to do as much as my ability could do.

Team projects made us learn how to work in a team, learn new things and share our idea.

To talk about soft skills, that was really stress free session time to relax and also learn new things. It improved my confidence. Now I don’t have any stage fear to talk in front of crowd. My interaction and communication skills are excellent now. Thanks a lot to the faculties at EazyLearn.

Now I am placed in Twin Info Solutions, which was possible only be EazyLearn and the training methodology here. I will definitely miss EazyLearn, my friends and the faculties.

Amrutha Sunny

EazyLearn is a very good institute that taught me lot of things in my career. Before I came to EazyLearn, I do not know anything about programming. But after reaching her, I am a small tiger in EazyLearn. So I feel happy here.

From here I was able to study different technologies. So I am confident now to face problems that may happen in my career. The trainers helped very much to improve my technological background.

Sreepathy S P

First of all, I am thanking staff at EazyLearn for making my life valuable. After completing 4 years of B Tech life and no job in hand, made me a big question in the society. 9 months thus goes with a question in mind, what to do now. But nothing became successful and decided to start career in IT industry and joined EazyLearn. First 2 weeks of training was tough and felt like running from here, but then all became easy with care from trainers. I was worrying why we should this much of task as a fresher, but later when we moved to project works, I understood that extra effort and work is needed. Friendly and strict environment also makes every minute thrilled and to be in good mood. I will surely miss all my faculties and friends (Suraj, Munner, Arjun, Anija and Summayya) in the batch.

Ashwin K Das

How EazyLearn Made Me

I thank EazyLearn for who I am today.

Three months ago, when I graduated from my college, I had turned into a complete lazy person. The training provided at EazyLearn transformed me into a productive person, capable of performing any task given to me with complete dedication. The way of teaching followed by EazyLearn, improves the self learning capacity of all the students and thus helps us in having successful career in the future.

The soft skills and the aptitude tests were also effective in its own ways. It helped a lot while attending interviews. The teachers were really supportive and took each and every student into consideration and made sure that everyone is understood what was being taught.

The daily reviews, weekly test and mock interviews encouraged us to study on a regular basis and also made us accustomed to attending interviews. The performance reviews reminds us where we are and the teachers give frequent suggestions on where and how to improve.

Thus the three months training was really a complete transformative stage in my life. I am forever thankful to EazyLearn and the staff.

Mojos M James

Eazylearn was good and a new experience. I now feel new after the course. Learned a lot about technologies. Learned more than what I have learned from my college. Even I forget many things, I have a good self-learning ability now. My programming skills have changed a lot.

Roshni C Rahul

Thank you trainers for your wonderful lectures. It helped me a lot in recovering the fear that I had in coding. The training period was very informative. I would like to thank the Talent Acquisition Executive for providing me with placement opportunities. Thanks to all service providers at EazyLearn.

Amith M

Eazylearn is an institute which became a turning point or a milestone in my life due to several aspects. Three months before I was going through a period of unemployment or lack of job primarily because of the lack of technical skills as well as motivation to secure a job.

But on joining EazyLearn to do the course, I feel that it completely transformed me to a person who is much more interacted in programming, achieve and improving coding skills became my new goal. In the due time, the major role played by EazyLearn involves

• Helped me provide excellent training from well experienced trainers.
• Provided me great infrastructure to utilize my achieved knowledge.
• Helped me to achieve much more technologies in well development.
• The soft skills undergone during my course was merely responsible for my better performance during the interviews.
• The discipline that is being imparted helped me really to work peacefully.

Altogether, EazyLearn is an institute I really appreciate and trustfully refer anyone who wish to reach a good position in respective profession for who wish tom learn very much. It is purely become of the quality trainers imparted here.

Nimil E Raveendran

The experience at EazyLearn for the last Three months was really very good. I got a chance to know about the things more clearly and neatly- both technically and non-technically. The classes helped me to learn a lot and I am thankful to both the tutors for the same. I was able to improve my personal skills individually interaction with others and the soft skill session here were new experience day by day which helped me to improve my communication skills to a great extent. Overall these Three months at EazyLearn can be remembered as one of the best time period of my life.

Srivathsa Rao I

I like EazyLearn very much. It was a great experience, I had here. It is an institute where they take care of technical skills as well as soft skills. The way of teaching is excellent. I am thinking how the three months completed, It completed like a week.

So, finally I want to say it was one of the great days of my life.

Rugma M U

It was a great experience to be part of Eazylearn. Especaiily staff, the way of teaching which enhances our self learning capability. The sot skills ession has really helped us to overcome our fear. It have made me confident. It really influenced my life.

Jeeno Shibu

EazyLearn is about training your mind and body as a programmer and a professional. EazyLearn, Cochin stands out in the plethora of training institutes due to the experienced trainers, up to date curriculum and scheduled training. To be a programmer these days you need to know what to look for and how to implement that according to your needs because it's not practical to know everything. At EazyLearn we get the best possible training to do just that. To be a professional you need a groomed persona and a live mind. The soft skills training at EazyLearn ensures that and the trainees who comes in goes out as professionals. It's been a great experience for me as a trainee and i am confident to recommend EazyLearn to anyone who wants to enter the IT Industry. Apart from a conventional training the training at EazyLearn is to the point and deep and most of all you get to know what a professional ought to be.

Muhsin A A

There may be things that you may think you can never achieve in life but once you join EazyLearn and attend the training program you will remove the word impossible from your dictionary. The training provided by EazyLearn will make you to do things on your own completely. The input may be a Normal student but after systematic and productive period of training at EazyLearn, the output will be a perfect professional who have confidence about his\her abilities. Each day's class will give you a new knowledge and lab sessions based on each day's classes will make you an expert in that topic. And Soft skill sessions will mould you to face the competitive world out there.

Here one month after joining itself i have realized how far I have improved as programmer and a professional. You will never feel like a fresher when you join in a firm after EazyLearn training because EazyLearn provides you an atmosphere where you a feel like you are already working in a software firm.

Three months here and I have earned a three years' learning experience.

Divyamol P.S

EazyLearn is the best gateway for aspirants who are wish to get an IT career. Its syllabus meets current requirement of the sector, so students of EazyLearn will easily absorb by companies. It improved my analytical skill and self-confidence. Each and every session in EazyLearn improved my potential as a software professional. The soft skill session was very helpful to improve my confidence level. The training tem is so supportive to improve our technical skill.

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